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Discovering the Heart of Your Brand – Finding and Defining your Brand Pillars

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As you step into the best version of yourself and of your brand, you need get clear on what your brand is all about, and that begins with your Brand Pillars! 

Every effective brand strategy needs to have brand pillars as they are at the core of everything you do. Think of them as the sturdy legs that hold up your brand’s table. They’re like the guiding principles, the North Star that keeps your brand sailing smoothly. You want your brand to stand out? Well, these pillars are your secret sauce, the magic that makes people stop and say, Hey, I like what they’re all about.

Okay, so before we dive into how YOU can find your own brand pillars, I thought I would share mine so you get a feel for what I mean, and hopefully this will help with your creative flow before we dive into creating your own.

My Brand Pillars


Change your mindset, transform your business. This is where I talk about manifestation, the law of attraction, and how important shifting your self-talk and self-belief is in building the brand of your dreams.

Designing your life—

This is where I share tips, tricks, and resources on how to elevate your brand and increase your profit. I share strategy from my time as a marketing director, insight from my experience launching brand campaigns, and tips from my time both in front of and behind the camera as well as actionable steps to help guide you on your journey to designing your own life.


I am all about stepping into your most Authentic Self and realizing how powerful you are when you lean into what makes you different! Here I talk about why I believe every business owner should showcase their uniqueness and why the things that make us unique are our biggest strengths!

LA energy—

This is where I share my personal stories and hot takes from a 31 year old designer in the “City of Angels” My aim is to inspire you to dream big and step outside of your own comfort zone.

Okay so now that you have a little insight on what my personal brand pillars are, Let’s help you find your own!

Start with a piece of paper and draw a big “+” sign dividing your paper into four quadrants. Label them vision, voice, visual and values. Now, write down everything that comes to mind…


Imagine you’re dreaming about your brand’s future. What does success look like? What’s the big, audacious goal you’re aiming for? Think about where you want your brand to be in five, ten, even twenty years down the line. Envision it. Dream big. Think of how you want to convey this message to your audience.


Close your eyes and think about how you want your brand to sound. If your brand could talk, what kind of personality would it have? Is it funny, serious, quirky, or maybe a bit of everything? Consider how you communicate with your audience—what tone resonates with them? Do you find yourself leading certain conversations often? Do you have unique POV or edge that sets your brand apart? 


Now, let’s paint a picture. What does your brand look like? Imagine flipping through a magazine, Pinterest, or moments in your everyday life—what catches your eye? What inspires you? Think about the vibe you want to evoke, the emotions you want to stir up when someone sees your brand.


Last but definitely not least, let’s get to the heart of it all—your values. What do you stand for? What principles guide every decision you make? Think about what matters most to you and your audience. Your values are the compass that keeps your brand headed in the right direction. Think about how you can impact your audience through education surrounding your brand values.

Now look for overlap amongst the 4 quadrants. What really fuels your fire? Narrow down 3-5 Topics that you feel like you can speak endlessly about, the conversations you want to lead. Those are your brand pillars! 

Big audacious dreams are fulfilled in small moments and with unwavering self-belief.  So don’t wait for things to be perfect, when your brand is built with heart the rest will follow. 

With love,


March 29, 2024

lori morris, morris lLC

Working with Gemma was both energizing and inspiring! In a very short time Gemma created multiple avenues of marketing that grew our audience. She is also fantastic at interviewing and editing video clips. Gemma is responsive, knowledgeable, and highly creative. I would recommend her for any start-up that wishes to reach more people!

nora schaper, hello hibar

Gemma is full of incredibly creative ideas. She has a gift of decisiveness and the ability to direct others and get the team rolling in the same direction. Gemma has a strong vision and the aesthetic talent for an incredible finished project. She is passionate, dedicated and hard working. She will help guide your brand to reach your dreams!

johnny stansiwonski, windy city

Working with Gemma has been a joy from start to finish. Not only does she listen to our vision but helped us see directions we didn’t even consider. She understood who we are as a company and brought that to life on our website. From the functionality, the aesthetics & to the message conveyed. If your looking for someone to bring you dream to life Gemma is the one to do so!

Dr. DelRae Messer, Wellspoken Wellness

Before working with Gemma, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted...She takes a personalized and customized approach to her strategy. I most appreciate how she captures my authenticity and streamlines my marketing to free up my time for my strengths. She genuinely cares about her clients’ success and I would recommend her services to anyone!