our mission

Our mission is to empower you, your brand, and your audience. To throw fuel on your flames and ignite a new chapter in your brands success story–– one where you can confidently say your brand is not only felt, but remembered.

Sum is a design agency created for ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners. For those with passion, vision, and spirit, who are ready to upgrade their aesthetic in order to unlock another level in their brand trajectory with beautiful design and impactful strategy. Our designs are created for you, to celebrate your individuality and inspire you to dream a little bigger, be a little bolder, and bet on yourself every time.

We passionately create designs that support the next chapter in your success story.

who we work with

Originally from the mid-west and currently living in Los Angeles. I've been creating ever since I can remember. My background is a little different than most, I  worked as fashion model in my late teens and early twenties. After that ran it's course,  I started my career in digital marketing, working for start-ups in the health and beauty industry. I was able to move up very fast in my career, which I contribute to my tenacity, grit, and unwavering self belief.

I started Sum because I wanted to help entrepreneurs live out their greatest dreams. I've learned a lot lessons from life experience, and I believe that the greatest regrets in life are the chances we don't take. So if you came here looking to step into the next chapter, here's to taking chances, and betting on yourself.

Hi, I'm Gem. I'm a Lover, Dreamer, and Doer.

our founder

I wanted to help others using everything I had learned in digital marketing and beyond. So in January 2023, I started my own design business. One of my friends asked me what I was going to call it. I told her, "Just some Branding", which later became Sum Branding, firstly because 'Some' was taken, but the meaning behind "Sum" has transformed into something much more meaningful. 

How Sum Began

our story

When you think of what makes something special, It's never just one thing. It's the sum of it's parts, the combination of qualities, experiences, and quirks that make things attractive, interesting, sought-after

thats what sum is all about

my current obsessions

in case you were curious

YSL candy glaze... It's not a lipstick or a lip gloss or lip oil. It's all three, it's everything. Shade 02 or 04.

I Saint James. The beats and the way he samples old cartoons and movies. Ahhh, I love anthing nostalgic.

Manifest, by Roxie Nafousi. I keep coming back to this, as has been a guiding light in my journey and one book I recommend to all my clients.




Fernanda Sasse,

She understood perfectly what I wanted and made it even better. I would recommend working with Gemma to anyone. I consider her one of the most talented people I have ever met!

Gemma captured exactly what I wanted.  I’ve never had anything like that for my business! I would recommend her to any photographer or business owner!

rachel claire,
wealthy wanderlust

Gemma is responsive, knowledgeable, and highly creative. I would recommend her for any start-up that wishes to reach more people!

lori morris,
morris llc

Gemma has a strong vision and incredible talent. She is passionate, dedicated and hard working. She will help guide your brand to reach your dreams!

nora schaper
hello hibar

johnny stansiwonski
windy city

From the functionality, the aesthetics & to the message conveyed. If your looking for someone to bring you dream to life Gemma is the one to do so!

Dr. DelRae Messer,
wellspoken wellness

She captures my authenticity and streamlines my marketing. She genuinely cares about her clients’ success and I would recommend her services to anyone!

Let's celebrate the things that make you special, and create the brand you can't stop dreaming about... 

for entrepreneurs

im ready +