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We believe the essence of every great brand is found in the sum of its parts–– the vision, the voice, the visual–– and how they connect to tell a cohesive story.

Together, we’ll build a brand as bold as your ambition and transform your online presence into something that not only connects but converts your audience into loyal customers–– the next chapter in your success story begins here.

designs that elevate modern ambitions.


When you think of what makes someone or something special, it's never just one thing. It's the sum of it's parts- the combination of qualities, experiences, and quirks that make things attractive, interesting, sought-after...




At Sum, we thoughtfully design solutions that streamline your business and elevate your brand as a whole. Whether you are looking to optimize your online presence, convert more clients, or cultivate a more connected community–– our services are tailored to your needs.



Elevate your social media, website, email and more! Mix and match with our pre-made template selection.

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Fernanda Sasse,

She understood perfectly what I wanted and made it even better. I would recommend working with Gemma to anyone. I consider her one of the most talented people I have ever met!

Gemma captured exactly what I wanted.  I’ve never had anything like that for my business! I would recommend her to any photographer or business owner!

rachel claire,
wealthy wanderlust

Gemma is responsive, knowledgeable, and highly creative. I would recommend her for any start-up that wishes to reach more people!

lori morris,
morris llc

Gemma has a strong vision and incredible talent. She is passionate, dedicated and hard working. She will help guide your brand to reach your dreams!

nora schaper
hello hibar

johnny stansiwonski
windy city

From the functionality, the aesthetics & to the message conveyed. If your looking for someone to bring you dream to life Gemma is the one to do so!

Dr. DelRae Messer,
wellspoken wellness

She captures my authenticity and streamlines my marketing. She genuinely cares about her clients’ success and I would recommend her services to anyone!

Let's celebrate the things that make you special, and create the brand you can't stop dreaming about... 

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